Sunday, August 1, 2010

Special Family Recipes Book

This is the book made with my BFF for her son's fiancee. It was a hit at the wedding shower today - and several asked about having something similar made for them. That would be fun, and the start of a new thing in my business.
The three-ring binder is CTMH as are the fabulous 'flip flaps'- the sleeves for the recipes have a strip of adhesive and can be stacked together. They are the greatest invention! and very inexpensive. Some of the papers and ribbons used , and the stamps and beautiful button clip are CTMH also. Because my friend wanted the colors to match the kitchen colors, we selected the designed papers from several local shops: basic grey and BoBunny.
Printing the recipes and photos on a creamy vanilla paper that had a bit of weave to it gave them an older, vintage look. She placed the recipes next to photos of the person best known for that speciality. I love the pictures of them cooking together.
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if you would like a book like this designed for you, or a 'recipe' to make your own.

Hope you enjoy all these photos!

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  1. love your book it is a great keepsake....nice job...