Thursday, August 19, 2010

APRON card directions

This is for all the wonderful CTMH gals that have sent requests for how to make the little apron card.

I saw this somewhere and just made up a rough pattern. I took a piece of paper 41/4 X 51/2 - folded it in half and cut from 3 1/2" up to
3/4" from the center fold. This gave me the tracing template for the card base.
I did the same thing with a 4 "x 5 1/4" for the apron top. Folded in half, cut from 3 1/4 up on the side to 3/4" from the center fold.

The decoration pieces on the apron are 4" X 1 3/4, 4" X 5/8

It took about 6"-6 1/2" of ribbon for the top. You could fasten it with a brad, too.
Hope this helps. I tried scanning my template for the apron top...doesn't look too good, but gives you the idea. I think it gets bigger if you click on it.


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  1. Thanks Dena!!! Your card is sooooo cute and I have a few people it would be perfect for!!

    Jenn (: