Monday, September 30, 2013

Let Fall Fun Begin

The grandsons and I had some fun this weekend.  We finished a project begun last year...little stacked blocks for Halloween.  Someone had posted the idea of stacking the 2" blocks and adding little wood beads for 'feet'.  The boys painted them black, glued and began the decoration...but we never had the chance to finish in time for the holiday.  We completed that with squares of paper and some sets of stickers.
A wonderful local art supply store here, Artco, is celebrating its 21st Anniversary. A friend and I visited Friday - had cake and made the darling bat candy packages as a make n' take.  We bought paper and used their die cut at the store to cut the candy wrapper form.  The boys enjoyed gluing on the ears and eyes and filling them up with candy corn. 
The youngest loves punching paper - and counting. So he punched out sixteen  3" circles, glued them back to back, sponged the edges, folded in half, and glued again.  "Like a little book," he said.  I wrapped the pipe cleaner around his finger for the stem.  He said pumpkins did most certainly not have leaves, so we didn't put one on. 

View of the other sides.

Feeling the cozy tonight as the wind blows and rain pelts the windows.

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