Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scraps on the table...

Trying to organize paper is like herding ants. Maybe if you had some honey, the ants would be easier! I have no problem with cardstock - I have bins for greens, blues, pink/reds, yellow/orange etc. And my CTMH patterned papers have names and come in wonderful zip-lock bags. So those are in alpha order by collection name. What to do with all those lovely got-to-have-it singletons?? Obviously, I bought them to make yesterday, when I finally gave up and just stacked them up, these papers were on top. So I made the thank you card. Then there were scraps on the table- one looked like it should be something - at first I thought a vase, and was about to look for a flower stamp that might fit, when I just thought another scrap would be just right for a lamp shade. Looking for something to put on the pull, I found a $1 bin martinee stamp never used....Well, I had some fun and after two hours had a somewhat cleaner stamp room and a few cards. No ants. Not a bad afternoon.

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