Saturday, February 6, 2016

Do you have sticky fingers?

Every so often I relapse....paper quilts are addictive!!!  Oh, you don't believe?  Try it, and don't say I didn't warn you.  Recently, I did a deep clean of patterned paper creating a huge box ready to go to a local children's hospital.  The box only holds 1/2 or full sheets....yes, lots of small scraps...sigh.  Most did make it to recycle, but those smaller designs perfect for 'quilting' made a nice pile of temptation. I justified falling off the wagon with this card for a lovely new friend who has a passion for the real kind of quilting and all red, white and blue.

Here you can see that after gluing my pieces on the backing card stock, I ran the dried piece through embossing folder. This one used a 'Paisley' folder. If you aren't patient and wait for it to dry, it can lift up the edges. All the pieces start out as 1" x1"
Yes...I go to the library and check out old copies of Quilting magazine for pattern ideas, and there is a super blog called fatquarters I just discovered on bloglovin' that has block patterns also. If you hear of a program to help with this addiction....don't tell me!!

Now go find those tiny scraps and have some sticky fun. 

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