Sunday, March 2, 2014

One Layer Watercolor

This post got long...feel totally free to skip it!

Last post speaking of goals and that always has me thinking in the future as well as the present.  I am terribly keen right now on constructing my "high school and beyond" plan as my June retirement comes ever closer.  In my top five wishes : water color classes.  It fascinates me. I took art lessons for years when I was younger, but as life as a teaching single mom got hectic I stopped painting, then stopped drawing. Time to get back there! 

That said, this challenge at One Layer Simplicity caused some stress.  I'm not giving up mind you, but this water thing is super tricky! Too much water= soggy, runny mess. Too little= just looked like plain stamping on watercolor paper.  sigh.

I tried direct mist to paper, holding the paper and misting the air above it, tried misting on the inked stamp, tried misting directly after stamping...The yellow card was pretty wet (misted paper before stamping), and required overnight drying. The pink version was a bit too dry (misted inked image before stamping), and I went in later with water brush. The black Memento stamp on top made the watery yellow look good. Not so sure about the pink.

Then there is the whole one layer placement issue.  I need classes for sure!! 

Image: Japanese Blossom, Close To My Heart


  1. I love these particularly the yellow one. Thanks for the write up as well.

  2. These are great - I really love the pink one & I think that where you have placed it on the card looks great - sometimes thing are meant to be in the middle & sometimes they're not :-)
    Cheers, Dianne