Monday, January 13, 2014

Paper Quilts

Quilts are beautiful, and those who make them are so patient and precise.  I have several friends who design and sew the most stunning creations. After disastrous attempts at the simplest block design, my admiration is even greater.  My sewing machine has only been used on cards for years now!

But I delight in my paper quilts.  A few years back, I became obsessed with these and made many cards with tiny quilts.  Making them is addictive, and also encourages saving even minute scraps  while pretending to 'use up' your stash of hoarded paper. Really now? 49 one inch squares is not going to put a dent in my paper.  My latest  'quilts' are in  6x6 or 7x7" designs, and they show more of the real quilt patterns than the tiny 3x3 versions.  Framed, they are charming decorations or gifts.

To make them look as real as possible, I run the sections through an embossing folder, giving the appearance of quilt stitching.  Sorry this is not visible in these photos. My next 'quilt' has just begun, and I will take some process pictures to post later this week.

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