Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today is Halloween. I so enjoyed playing with CTMH Hooligans. I have a few little ones left and will use them for children's birthday cards.
Which holiday is your favorite? Mine is really Thanksgiving. I adore autumn and all the colors, foods and I raked leaves for 35 minutes and they were so beautiful, I felt bad putting them in the yard waste container. They are an especially brilliant red this year.

That said, I do love my Christmas Santas that Mom painted and all the fun of making little gifts...
I am having fun planning the Christmas stamp projects. Pictures tomorrow.
Happy Haunting!! I'm off to walk the neighborhood with my little goblin grandsons :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back . . .

It has been an incredibly busy fall. This year school has taken over my life! The students are wonderful - just teaching new subjects (Civics and advanced placement U.S. Government & Politics) and using new textbooks for the U.S. History classes has pushed my time to the limit.
I am enjoying the civics and government much to my surprise. The seniors are delightful - though I've been warned that they don't last much after spring break :>)
Anyhow, there hasn't been much time to sleep or stamp. I had a workshop earlier in October, but didn't post the cards. So that's what you see here.
Thanks for coming back! I promise to post more often again. And please vote on Tuesday.

I'm working on Christmas workshop now, and hope to have something fun to show later this week.