Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paper Quilts II

This finished project was 6 x 6" - assembled in two 3 x 6" pieces.
Cut pieces and adhere to graph paper.

Select an embossing folder and run each side through.

The mat was a bit smaller than 6 x 6" which wasn't ideal. Must learn to cut my own mats!

Close up shows the dry embossing

I wanted to try this pattern...I'm not sure now that my paper choice was correct. Patterns change when you cut them up into tiny pieces...Selecting pattern and color is a different skill for this technique - one I'm sure my real quilting friends already know! But it was fun to do, and as promised I took pictures of the process. 

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  1. YES! I love quilting with paper. And you've given me inspiration because I never thought to put it in a frame. Lovely, lovely project you've done. It's fun to pop by and see what's new on your blog. :-) -B