Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sweet Music

School is out. 2012-2013 finished. Grades in, desk cleaned, cupboards packed, seniors celebrated and graduated, staff BBQ and good-byes accomplished.  One of the sad good-byes for the school was that of our fabulously talented young instrumental music teacher who is going to another district.  He was a marvelous inspiration for our school. The program was tiny and not very skilled when he arrived. Now it  has jazz, percussion, and concert ensembles that have great sound.  They are competition level, and the concerts this year have been marvelous.

This card was made for staff to send best wishes along with him to his next school.  He will be missed, but has left a legacy of students determined to continue to grow as he encouraged them.

It made use of a Close To My Heart set from our 2012 fall catalog called Sweet Music.


  1. wow just fabulous! love the design!

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