Sunday, October 14, 2012


Well, I may be least this week. It has been a harrowing school start due to a variety of issues- new eSchool program for attendance and grades, last minutes schedule changes involving me teaching a new-to-me course in addition to my two expected courses, new students entering every day (even this week in the 8th week of instruction!), an advisor position for a second club that is fundraising for a big trip to national conference in January, and many new union issues.  It means I haven't been able to craft or read for months :-(
But next weekend I am having a card/project workshop and am so happy for the excuse to create.  This little project isn't all that new - I've seen things like this around the blogs. But it is so easy and cute. 
  •  cut 10 strips of Autumn Terracotta at 1", stamp them in the same color ink, brush the edges with that ink also
  • stack the strips, and a 6" x 1/4" strip of green,  punch a small hole at each end, and secure with a brad
  • stamp leaves and cut out
  • dry emboss a small strip of Chocolate CS, sand and roll it, cut about a 1/2" slit in three spots and spread out the cut 'tabs'
  • glue dot the stem tabs to the pumpkin, glue dot the leaves to cover those stem tabs
  • tie a 16" length of raffia in a bow and split the bows and ends
  • cut the 1/4" green strip down the middle until you get close to the top (don't cut all the way) and roll up to create the vine
  • insert small battery candle

Just seeing falls colors and the beautiful trees has been a sweet part of this week.  Time for pumpkin pie, baked apples...Make some time to enjoy it.

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