Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Layer - off the Edge for Less is More

Well, as my husband said - you have always been off the edge. Hmm? Wonder exactly what he meant by that? I know certainly I have been off the last few days. My son teaches and lives in Iwaki, Japan. He was about 40 miles from the epicenter of the big quake and is 23 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant that had an explosion late last night. He is safe and fortunately, still had internet service early today so we have been able to talk through Skype. He is amazed that he still had electric power - expecting that not to last much longer. Water is not running, but his building has a holding tank on the roof that is still providing some water, though not for drinking. Last night when we talked he was making batches of cooked rice so that if power was lost he would have something to eat for a few days.

He has been so concerned about his students and their families. Tsunami damage was severe in his area.

So the Less Is More challenge was for a one layer card, off the edge. My heart and mind is with those in Japan right now, and so this card sprang immediately to my mind.

products used all CTMH: Colonial White textured cardstock, Bamboo, Blush, and Baby Pink inks, Aspirations and Kangi Phrases stamp sets.


  1. Dena
    Thank goodness your son is ok.
    What A lovely card.

  2. Dena just love your card....Good news that your soon is safe.


  3. Hi Dena
    Your card is fabulous
    Im so relieved to read your Son is ok
    Hope he remains safe and well
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. Love the card. My son is also currently in Japan, not too terribly far from yours. He has not had electricity since the quake. He was able to get a message posted on his facebook after the earthquake, but we didn't hear from him for over a day after the tsunami. I'll add your son to our prayers.


  5. Thank goodness your son is safe.

    You have made a beautiful card.

    Jo x

  6. Thank goodness your son is safe and well. Your card is beautiful and so fitting, and has made me feel quite emotional reading this post.

  7. A lovely card for this challenge - glad it's good news about your son

  8. Fingers crossed that your sons precautions will see him safely through this crisis

    Fab card too


  9. Oh Dena, how traumatic for you and I am so happy to hear that your son is safe right now. I can't imagine how all those poor people are coping with all the devastation and my heart goes out to all those affected.

    Your card is beautiful, I so love anything oriental and the sentiment is perfect.

    Christy I do hope your son remains safe too.

  10. Love the card, the soft colours and sentiment too! so pleased your son is safe, so worrying for everyone there.My heart goes out to all the lovely people in Japan.My DIL 's family are in Taiwan and she was so worried about the tsunami reaching there too.Viv xx

  11. What a worrying time for you. Hope all goes well for you son at such a difficult time and hope he continues to be safe.

    I love your card, it's fits the challenge perfectly.
    Hugs, Sandra

  12. Great card! I hope your son stays safe.

  13. Beautiful and elegant card, loved the use of such lovely soft colours with the image.
    Diane x
    Such shocking news from Japan, so many will be suffering heartache, it's lovely to hear that your son is at least safe. It must be tough being far away from him.

  14. beautiful card! i hope you son remains safe and sound!

  15. What a difficult time for you, I sincerely hope that all remains well with you son and his friends and associates!
    This is a beautiful card and what a fitting sentiment!
    Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you again next time!

  16. So thankful to hear that your son is okay. The tragedy has devastated Japan. All are in out thoughts and prayers! Love this sweet card!

  17. This card is just perfect and the sentiment says it all for all the people of Japan and the trauma everyone has had to endure. I am so glad to hear that your son and others on Less is More are safe

  18. Perfect cas card. So pleased that your son is safe. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.
    Lynne xxx

  19. phew what a relief you must be feeling that the family are safe - it must have been a worry -great card

  20. Love your card! But so pleased that your son is safe and well. Sending warm thoughts and (((hugs)))

  21. Glad to hear about your son. The news reports are very scary. Love your card and the sentiment is so fitting. x

  22. A beautiful card and so apt for the time. It is good to know your son is safe, I hope all goes well for him, his colleagues, friends and students. It is so devestating. Caz

  23. You must have been relieved to hear from your Son and to know he is alright is great news. I hope he continues to be safe and away from harm. My thoughts are with you and all those people in Japan...
    Stunning and very thoughtful card, gorgeous colours and the overall effect is so peaceful:-)

  24. A super card, I love all things oriental. Sending good wishes to you & your family. x